The Wild Wood

Streatley Wild Wood

Welcome to Streatley Wild Wood where you can play, explore and even learn.

Your mission is to find the secret codes hidden on plaques in the Wild Wood. 

Spy on the animals and plants that live here, uncover some of their fearsome facts and superpowers by scanning the codes. Also find out who eats who or what.  Then DO the challenges.

Are you up for the challenges?  The QR codes will also lead you to pages of challenges.

If you wish you can collect points for each completed challenge; keep a tally by picking up a stick for each point.  How many sticks can you get?  Can you beat your score next time? Can you make a picture or a word with all the sticks you collect?

Are you in the woods now and having Problems?

    The first thing you may want to do is to find the secret codes.  These are small plaques placed roughly where you find them on the map and they will look something like this:

    QR Code Example

    Once you find one, you can scan it with any mobile device, but you need to have downloaded a scanner beforehand.  Go to ‘Play Store’ if you have an Android device, or to ‘Apple Apps Store’ for Apple and download a FREE ‘QR Code Reader’.  Any one will do.  Now you can scan the codes in the wood and your mobile device will read from a web page telling you all sorts of facts, and giving you challenges to help you play and learn relevant things about the animal / plant etc. at that location.  If your mobile device has problems loading these pages, you may have a low signal.  In this case scan the code and run back to the map where you should have plenty of signal.

    Once you have downloaded the page from each QR code you will find ‘links’ to the ‘Fearsome Facts’, ‘SuperPowers’, ‘Who eats Who’ and ‘Challenges’.  The first three of these give you information, the last one sets all sorts of challenges for people of any age!

    OR just explore the wood and enjoy it in your own way – let your imagination run riot!

Don’t want to use a mobile in the wood?

    Follow the web menu links at the side of this page whilst you are at home and download any or all of the information to take with you next time.

Rules of the Game for everyone:

Please no dogs as the wildlife are also fenced in so can’t easily escape

Please no litter – take yours (and any you find) home.

At some times of the year there is water in the ‘pond’ area – take appropriate care!

There are holes and trip hazards – this IS a natural area.

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