“Whilst the Trustees of Heart of Streatley came up with the concept behind the Wild Wood and have paid for the work to be done, many organisations have given us grants.  So we thank The North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Goring Gap News, The Greenham Common Trust and Streatley Parish Council.  However, even more volunteers and contractors have helped with the physical work in the wood to make it an area to enjoy, whilst staying natural – Thank you all.  The children of Streatley Primary School (and teachers) who worked with us in the development and came up with many of the names and addresses for the animals where amazing!  The support of the two “Wild Women” who have done much more work than they were paid for to ensure the accuracy of the fearsome facts and superpowers, dreamt up the challenges and designed the map – BIG THANKS. Plus, thanks to Phil for helping develop this website”.

    The Trustees
    Heart of Streatley Charitable Trust

Would you like to see some of the work done by our wonderful Primary School kids?

We asked the children to imagine what the world looked like for some of the creatures found in this woodland.  They had a box of peat and some clay and could collect anything natural from a wood to create their worlds.  We then asked them to make the animal from the clay and name it and give an address for the creature in the wood.  This was followed by an extensive competition over a holiday where they could draw maps, write stories or draw pictures.  We chose three winners (from different year brackets) and their entries are available below.  You will recognise some of the names and addresses.  Some of the highly commended entries also had their names and addresses used.

PDF files will be made availble shortly

The hand drawn pictures on this website are copyright to Dan Schofield and if copied must be acknowledged.  The Fearsome Facts, Superpowers, Who eats who and Challenges text is copyright to Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks of


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