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Plant World

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  • Plant Stems are like
    • coat hangers, holding up the leaves and flowers
    • bones, because they stop the plant flopping over
    • a plumbing system, because they allow water to move up to the leaves and sugar solution to move from the leaves down to the roots.
  • Growing fast - Some of the fastest growing plants in the world are bamboos; they can grow up to 1m every day.  In 2 days they will be taller than you! You won’t find them growing in the Wild Wood, but other plants, like nettles, grow very fast too.
  • Most plants are male and female together and have female bits and male bits so they don’t need a partner to make baby seeds!
  • Nettles don’t just sting, they can be very useful.  You can make soup from the young leaves, rope from the fibres in the stems, kites from the dried stems, and caterpillars love to eat the leaves.

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