Badger Challenges

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Brock the Badger and his
wife Betty

Big Maze Bungalows, Old Bank Passages

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Anytime Challenges
  • Can you find clues of badgers living in the Wild Wood?  Look out for
      • Entrance holes to a badger’s sett (1 point)
      • Footprints (2 points)
      • Badger toilets (look for poo in shallow holes in the ground (3 points)
      • Fur on thorns or prickles (3 points)
      • Grass bedding cleaned out of a sett (2 points). 
  • Blindfold trail through the woods – how good are you at touching, smelling and hearing? Pair up with a friend and take it in turns to be taken on a blindfold walk through the Wild Wood; use your senses to explore as many places as you can.  (2 points)
  • Can you find any worms?   It can be tricky; imagine finding 200, a good meal for one badger! (1 point)

Spring Challenge

  • Badger watching - Come to the Wild Wood with a grown up just before sunset. Sit by the table and stay very still and very quiet; if you are lucky you may spot badgers coming out to feed.  Remember to check the wind direction; if the wind is blowing from you towards the badger’s sett they will smell you and won’t leave their sett. (10 points)

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