Songbird Facts

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Wild Wood Sing Along Birds

56, Beak Top Hideaway

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  • Can you imagine floating on the wind?  Birds are true masters of the air; flying helps them to escape quickly from danger and travel long distances easily and fast.
  • When birds sing they are saying things like “watch out, I am big and strong”, or “look how handsome I am, would you like to come on a date with me”, or “keep out, this is my house/territory”. 
  • Robins look very sweet but they are very fierce when defending their territories against other robins
  • Blackbirds - Female Blackbirds are not black but brown, and it takes 11-14 days to make their nest.  The oldest blackbird recorded lived for 20 years.
  • Wrens are one of the smallest birds in the UK but they have very loud voices and can be heard singing in the Wild Wood.

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