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Anytime Challenges

  • Treasure Hunt Map Game
    • Get someone to hide some treasure (a coin or a sweet) somewhere in the wood. 
    • They then make a 3D treasure map of the area with an “x” where the treasure is buried.
    • Can you use the map to find the treasure? (3 points)
  • Treasure Hunt Map Game, team version
    • Each team hides some treasure, but one member from the other team spies on them. 
    • The spies then return to their own team and draws a map on the ground showing where the other team’s treasure is hidden (no speaking allowed!). 
    • Whichever team finds the other team’s treasure first is the winner. (3 points)
  • Grass whistle - Find a wide piece of long grass. Hold it sideways on and flat between your thumbs. Blow between your thumbs and see if you can make a whistling sound.  It is tricky so keep practicing! (3 points)

Spring/Summer Challenges

  • How many different flowers can you find? Take photos and see who finds the most out of you or your friends.  What time of year will you see more flowers? (1 point for each different flower)
  • Grasping the nettle - Can you tell the difference between nettles that sting and nettles that won’t hurt you?  The friendly ones have white or red flowers.  Can you find any in the Wild Wood? Can you trick your friends? (1 point for red and 1 for white)
  • Writing secret messages - Find some dandelions, and pick just one. You will see white sap oozing out of the end of the stem.  Use the stem like a pen; the sap is like invisible ink.  Draw a picture or write a secret on a piece of paper.  When the sap dries the message will be revealed! (3 points)
  • Dandelion Clock – Can you find a round feathery dandelion seed head?  Pick it and blow, watch the seeds blowing in the wind like little parachutes.  How many blows to blow all the seeds away? (1 point)

Winter Challenges

  • Fantastic frost – Go to the Wild Wood on a frosty morning and photograph frost on leaves and twigs.
    (2 points)
  • Nettle stem kites – Look for long thin brown stalks sticking up from the floor of the Wild Wood.  These are dead nettle stems; they won’t sting you, and they are very light and strong, perfect for making a kite.
    (5 points if you can make a nettle
    stem kite!)
  • When the wind blows - Can you find out which way the wind is blowing?  Pick up something light, perhaps a blade of grass or some old man’s beard and let it fly. (1 point)

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