Batty Challenges

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Billy, Lilly, Milly and Silly
the Batty Bats

Bat Cave Corner, Lime Tree Avenue

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Anytime Challenges

  • Bat and moth game – to play with a group of friends. 
    • One person is the bat and another is the moth; everyone else stands round them in a circle. 
    • Blindfold the bat, who should call out the word “bat” to which the moth has to reply “moth”. 
    • The bat should keep calling and the moth keep replying; can the bat catch the moth by using their echo-location? 
    • Let everyone have a go at being the bat and the moth!  (3 points)
  • Make a bat – Look for a leaf that looks like bat wings.  Cut a bat head by the leaf stalk to make a leaf bat, or make a long chain of leaf bats. (2 points)
  • Bat homes – Bats live in holes in trees and sometimes in buildings. Look for the special boxes that have been hung in the trees to provide welcoming homes for bats.  How many can you spot? (1 point)

Spring/Summer Challenge

  • Spot a bat – Can you see a bat, not just the bat box?  You will need to visit the Wild Wood just as the sun is rising (but you will need to get out of bed early for this!) or just as the sun is setting in the evening.  Bats look like very fast birds with quite a jerky flight. (5 points for actually seeing a bat)

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