Batty Powers

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Billy, Lilly, Milly & Silly,
the Batty Bats

Bat Cave Corner, Lime Tree Avenue

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  • Echo-location - Bats have tiny eyes and don’t see well at all, but their very large ears help them to find their way around in the dark.  They make high pitched clicking noises that grown-ups can’t hear but some children can.  The sound waves bounce off anything they hit and go back to the bat’s very sensitive ears.  If the echo doesn’t bounce back they keep flying forward, if it does they change direction, or perhaps catch the tiny moth they have detected.  Bats can tell how far away objects are by how quickly the sound waves bounce back.
  • Gobble power – One bat can eat more than 1,000 small insects in an hour!
  • Shutting down – a bat can shut down so that its heart hardly beats; they sleep all winter without eating (hibernation) because their food (flying insects) is only around in the summer.
  • Flying acrobatics – Although they can’t see very well, bats never crash into anything due to their amazing echo-location.

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