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Roots and the Underworld
Scramble and Scrabble

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Anytime Challenges

  • Scramble up the bank and see if you can find some roots sticking out, look at them carefully.  Can you spot any tiny roots as thin as a hair?  (1 point)
  • Give a tree a birthday - Find a tree seed lying on the ground and take it home and plant it.  Put it outside and wait for the seeds to grow in the spring. Plant the little tree out in a suitable space when it is big enough. 
    (2 points)
  • Living things - Find something that is living, something that is dead, and something that has never been alive (2 points)
  • What can you find in a handful of soil? Spread some soil on a piece of white paper.  Can you see any partly decomposed leaves or little creatures?  (2 points)
  • Find a fallen dead log
    • Look carefully all over it, has it been dead for a long time?  How can you tell? 
    • Is the bark and the inside of the wood soft and crumbly? 
    • Does anything live in the wood, or under the bark? 
    • Are there any plants growing on it, e.g. seedlings, moss, toadstools? 
    • Photograph or draw the living things you find on your log.  If you visit it again in the winter or spring, what has changed? (3 points)

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