Badger Facts

Brock the Badger and his
wife Betty

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Big Maze Bungalows, Old Bank Passages

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  • Badgers are very shy and spend 70% of their time underground.  They usually come out to feed just as it’s getting dark, so they are difficult to see.
  • Badgers live in family groups in underground homes called setts.  The biggest badger sett ever found had 200 entrances/doors in and out and 50 rooms. What a huge house!
  • The tunnel entrances are oval in shape (a rabbit hole is round and smaller). The underground passages can be hundreds of years old and can be under an area as big as 2 football pitches.  They have nest rooms, toilets and even front and back doors.
  • Badgers are very house proud; they clean out their bedding of dried grasses and dig holes right away from their sett to use as a toilet.
  • Badgers occasionally eat hedgehogs – very carefully!

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