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Batty Bats

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  • Bats may look like birds, but they are flying mammals.  Bats in the UK only fly at night; they are nocturnal.
  • There are about 1,000 different species of bats in the world, with 18 species in the UK.  Vampire bats really do suck blood, but don’t live in this country.
  • You might spot bats by street lights at night - they get an easy dinner on the insects attracted to the light.
  • Bat’s wings are really their front legs, with skin stretched between the long bones of their legs and toes
  • Bats sleep hanging upside-down, wrapping their wings around them to keep warm. 
  • Bats are becoming increasingly rare; it is important that places like the Wild Wood are looked after so bats can find the food and shelter they need.  All bats in the UK are protected by the law.

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