Squirrel Powers

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Nutcase the Squirrel

44 Nut Hide, Bushy Tail Grove

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  • Super-fast running speed - Bet you didn’t know Squirrels are FAST! They can run as fast as a car driving around town, up to 20mph – much faster than you can run!
  • 360 degree vision – With eyes high on each side of their head, squirrels see everything around them without having to turn around.
  • Giant Jumping power – With super padded feet squirrels can jump from as high up as 6 metres without hurting themselves.
  • Super-useful tails – squirrels use their big bushy tails to keep steady while leaping across treetops or walking the tight rope.  When alarmed, they flick their tails and when angry they fluff them up.  And in cold weather a squirrel wraps its tail around its body to keep warm. 

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