Owl Challenges

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Otto the Tawny Owl

Tree Top Terrace, Big Tree Corner

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Anytime Challenges

  • How silently can you walk?  Can you be as quiet as an owl? A game to play with friends;
    • One person pretends to be a mouse and puts on a blindfold (or closes their eyes and promises not to cheat!). 
    • The others are owls, and should creep up to the mouse as quietly as they can.
    • If the mouse hears an owl, he or she should point to them and the owl goes back to the start. 
    • The first owl to reach the mouse is the winner!  Take turns. Which mouse lived the longest? (2 points)
  • Camouflage game – A game to play with friends.
  • Owls and their prey blend into the Wild Wood. How well can you camouflage yourselves?
    • Split into two teams
    • One team goes to hide, finding places to sit or lie very still and blend in to the wood, covering themselves with leaves or hiding under a bush for real camouflage. While you are hiding look out for little creatures! 
    • The other team goes to find them.  How long did it take to find everyone?  Which team was best at making themselves invisible? (2 points)
  • Make a picture of an owl on the ground using natural materials, and tweet it! (2 points)
  • Look for an owl pellet on the ground underneath the owl’s house. If you are lucky enough to find one, take it home, soak in water for an hour and then gently pull it apart.  Can you see what the owl had for dinner? (5 points)
  • Can you hoot?  Clasp your hands together tightly, leaving a hollow in the middle.  Bring your thumbs together and bend slightly. Cover the thumb knuckles with your mouth and blow gently until you can hoot like an owl. If you get good at it, listen out for a reply! (1 point)

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