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  • In the autumn squirrels collect lots of acorns and hazelnuts, burying them to eat later.  But they often forget where they have squirreled them away, so the seeds have a chance to grow into trees. Great for trees - but not for squirrels!
  • Grey squirrels are found in most of the UK.  They were introduced from North America about 150 years ago.  Grey squirrels have been warring with our native wild red squirrels, which now only live in more remote parts of the country.
  • Squirrels are real acrobats, using their big bushy tails for balance.  They can run and jump up into the highest trees to escape from their enemies.
  • If you feed the birds in your garden, watch out for cheeky stealing squirrels!  Squirrels have such sharp teeth they can even chew through bird feeders.
  • Killing trees – if a squirrel nibbles the bark away from right around a tree trunk, the tree will stop taking up water and can die, which is bad.

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