Mini Beast Powers

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Mini Beasts

Minibeast Mansions, Dead Wood Hollow

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  • Shape changing - Metamorphosis – Some minibeasts completely change shape over their lifetime; this allows them to live in different habitats and to move around to find a mate; e.g. chubby caterpillars crawl around munching leaves and then transform into fluttery butterflies which fly off to find a mate and sip nectar from flowers.
  • Camouflage and copycats – some butterflies are camouflaged to look like leaves or dappled sunshine.  Harmless hoverflies are black and yellow, copying the warning colours of stinging insects such as wasps.
  • Super useful nature power – When bees and other flying insects feed on nectar they move pollen from one flower to another, helping the crops to grow.  Earthworms and other little creatures in the earth help to improve soil so that it is better for growing food.

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