Songbird Challenges

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Wild Wood Sing Along Birds
56, Beak Top Hideaway

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Anytime Challenges

  • Build a bird’s nest; look for nesting materials like sticks and twigs, grasses and moss.  Can you build a nest that might tempt a bird? (2 points)
  • Packed lunch for a bird - There are a few hungry birds in this wood.  Can you make a nice packed lunch for them with things you find in the wood and leave it for them to find? Try making it in the Wild Wood Wicked Kitchen cafĂ©.  (2 points)
  • Magic feathers - Can you find a feather and un-zip it?  If you run your fingers down it, the feather goes all messy but if you run your fingers back up it zips together and becomes smooth again; the perfect way to catch the air to help a bird fly. (1 point)
  • Homing bird blindfold game
    • Find a partner. 
    • One person closes their eyes, the other is the leader.
    • Hold hands, and the leader should guide their partner on a journey to a special tree and back.
    • When they open their eyes, can they find their way back to the special tree? No cheating! (2 points)
  • Can you make up your own bird song? 
    • Make up words to sing to a tune you know very well?  E.g. I’m a big bird, keep away from me, I’m a big bird this is my territory….
    • Birdsong usually consists of a few lines repeated over and over again, what would a bird in this wood want to sing about?
    • Video or record your song and post up on the website (3 points)

Spring/Summer challenge

  • Get up early and listen to the Wild Wood dawn chorus – Ask a grown up to take you to the Wild Wood just as it starts to get light.  Sit in the clearing and listen to nature’s orchestra.  Can you record it so you can listen to it again when you are indoors?  (10 points)

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