Songbird Powers

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Wild Wood Sing Along Birds

56, Beak Top Hideaway

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  • Song power – Birds use song to say things like “this is my space, so go away” to their enemies and to show off to attract a new wife or husband.
  • Magic Feather power – Feathers are one of the strongest materials known relative to their weigh, and the secret to a bird’s power of flight.  A bird’s feather coat keeps it warm in winter, dry in the rain and cool on a hot summer day. 
  • Super Stamina - Some birds such as black caps and garden warblers migrate to find more food in warmer countries.  They can fly for hundreds of miles across whole countries and huge oceans without stopping – imagine that!
  • Super navigation power – They must have real super-powers of navigation to find their way back from warm countries in spring without a map!

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