challenges title colour_01b_800Here are some extra Challenges you can do:

  • Come back to the wood at night.  Why not have a night adventure and come to the wild wood after dark?  Sit at the table; what animal sounds can you hear if you are very quiet?  Can you write a story about the wild wood night world?
  • Game of Pick-up sticks – Collect lots of straight-ish sticks.  Hold them together and then let them fall to the ground.  Take it in turns to pick up one stick at a time without moving any of the other sticks.  The winner is the person who picks up the most sticks.
  • Game of capture the flag – a game for two teams; each team has a flag which they put in a chosen place.  The idea is to capture the other team’s flag by creeping through the wood!
  • Can you make a meal in the Wild Wood CafĂ©, - What is on the menu today, freshly made leaf burgers, pinecone chips and a yummy nettle smoothie for pudding?
  • Next time you come, bring your toys to come and play in the wild wood. – Make a football pitch for your Lego men, a zoo for your animals or a building site for your cars!


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