Rabbit Challenges

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Hoppernopper and Rabbit Relations

73 Burrow Hill

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Anytime Challenges

  • Rabbit Clues - Be a detective!  Can you spot any rabbit burrows?  Do you see any fresh rabbit poo?  Can you see any bark that has been eaten? (1 point for each clue).
  • Maths challenge - How many rabbit burrows can you spot?  If there are 4 rabbits to a burrow, 2 female, 3 litters a year of 7 babies, how many rabbits in a year in the wild wood? (2 points for having a go!)
  • Super senses – Find a place to sit, perhaps leaning back against a tree trunk.  Be very quiet and still, and find your super senses by LISTENING and WATCHING.  How many birds and animals can you hear and spot? (3 points) You might hear insects, birds, the wind and man-made sounds.

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